About Us

If you are genuinely in the market for a good quality vehicles at unbeatable prices Japan Motor Auction can help. Take advantage of the quality and value for money Motor Auctions in Japan can offer.

The Japan Motor Auctions will provide you with access to the unlimited range of Motor buying options while the team at www.JapanMotorAuction.com is there to oversee the quick and safe purchasing and logistics solutions.

www.JapanMotorAuction.com is one of the leading Japanese New & Used Car Purchasing and Logistics solutions Exporters. Well establish and located in Nagoya; the Heart of Japan's Car Industry. We can Supply and Export all of your motoring needs: Japanese Used Cars, Japanese Buses, Japanese Trucks and Machinery to anywhere around the world; Japan Motor Auction is a Member of all Japanese Car Auctions; this gives all our customers unlimited choice and unbeatable value for money.

Our business model is to ensure A FAIR BUSINESS TRADING in a WIN & WIN dealing perspective with all our clients. We have qualified personnel who will be with you throughout the Transaction Process until the Automobile is delivered to your final port of destination.

Our Promise

We, Japan Motor Auction, will use reasonable care and skill to provide our services to you. We are required by law to meet specific liability standards as laid out by the Aichi Public Safety Commission

Aichi Public Safety Commission愛知県公安委員会
Permit to be a Secondhand Dealer古物商許可証
License Number542650602400号

We, use our own onsite IT specialists to maintain our own proprietary E-commerce and Website solutions. This provides for ease-of-use, security and data confidentiality. Rest assured your information is safe with us.

Our Address

Ibarazuka 3-2,
Karausu-cho, Tsushima-shi, Aichi-ken,
JAPAN 496-0026